Rapid Mixer Granulator (RMG)

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Rapid Mixer Granulator (RMG)


Rapid Mixer Granulator machine is also known as High shear granulation machine, Dry Powder granulator, Wet Granulator, High shear mixer granulator, Wet Mixing, Granulation Machine. Rapid mixer granulator is also known as high shear mixer that is good to use for Pharma industry to mix variety of ingredients appropriately. The granulator has special type of blades to crush down raw materials into powdered form and thickness of mixture can be decided as per your industry requirements. This is a special type of rapid mixer granulator machine that assures more hygiene mixture compliant to GMP norms and standards.

As we have already discussed that Rapid mixer granulator are especially designed to achieve excellent mixing of ingredients at lower operational costs and maximum productivity. When machine is designed precisely then it assures better mixing of ingredients as per needed granule size to improve tableting speeds and improve quality of products too.

Impellers: At the bottom of the dome shaped stainless steel bowl Impellers are fixed with two half-length blades and two full length blades. Our skilled professionals have designed the impeller in such a way that full length blades push the material and half-length blade lift the material. This impeller helps you to break the wet mass into small pieces and granules.

Chopper: Chopper has very sharp small blades which are specially designed to cut the wet lumps of material into very small parts which are then mixed by impellers. It is located at bottom of the dome and the size of the granules is totally depends on the speed of the chopper.

Discharge Port: Discharge port is used to unload the container filled with granules. It is located at the bottom of the dome. Opening of discharge port is operated by pneumatic cylinder, a compressed air regulated cylinder.

Mounting : A hard M.S. channel has been used to keep the drive assembly at the bottom. Stainless steel staircase and railings are provided for the platform with a bowl mounted on the top. Half of the platform has been covered by S.S. and dimpled Plates.


• Main body is made up of S.S.316 / S.S.304
• Lid, bowl, mixing agitator, control panel and maximum of contact parts are made up of stainless materials to avoid resistant problem.
• All components of machine are covered or coated with SS and durable too.
• All machine components can be accessed quickly for proper maintenance and cleaning.
• All components are attached so beautifully that installation process can be simplified.
• Lid is equipped with control switches to offer maximum safety and reliability.
• Discharge facility can be given on either side based on client needs and requirements.
• It is come with Chopper Motor with inbuilt stainless steel shaft to exclude roller, Steel bearings and decrease maintenance and services.
• The Given electrical spare parts come with pre-wired which make installation process easy.


• Tablet manufacturing process
• Chemical Industries
• Pharmaceutical Industries
• Food processing Industries