Double Cone Blender

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Double Cone Blender


Double cone blender is used to gently mix and blend dry powders and fragile granules homogeneously. It is recommended to fill up to two third level of the total volume of the cone for efficient mixing in addition to a limit rotational speed (rpm) of blender also affects the quality of blending, the common range is 6 – 25 rpm.

Kwick Pharma is a leading manufacturer of double cone blenders in India. The product range includes lab scale double cone blender up to 50 liters and pharmaceutical production and research grade double cone blender up to 5000 liters. The stainless steel construction adds value to the machine’s performance confirming its acceptance to cGMP norms. The fabrication work is nice and clean, stainless steel construction prevents product contamination and rust free surface.


• Main body made up of S.S.316 / S.S.304
• Fabricated with high grade stainless steel
• Easy to clean and maintain
• Hand wheel for manual tilting of cone
• Uniform mixing and easy discharge
• Charge / discharge through butterfly valve Food grade rubber gaskets.


• Food processing industries
• Chemical industries
• Pharmaceutical industries
• Powder industries